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In UK first, JTRE London invests in new community engagement app

JTRE London

JTRE London’s commitment to ensuring the best possible relationships with local stakeholders has led us to adopt an innovative digital communications platform.

Recognising the need for, and encouraging, two-way communication, we have invested in SitePodium, providing a direct line into the communities where we are building.

During the construction at our two London sites – Triptych Bankside and Southwark Park Road – JTRE London is keeping people interested in the projects informed about activity through the app.

Benefits include

JTRE London

  • Ability to notify the community about key construction milestones and issue alerts when disruption is likely
  • An effective tool for highlighting positive aspects of the development
  • Transparent communication during construction
  • Encouraging two-way communication, providing a platform for local people to contact JTRE if there is an issue

The app supports the comprehensive strategy that we have implemented to ensure effective and appropriate engagement with all neighbouring businesses and residents. This includes appointing a community manager and hosting community events, amongst other initiatives.

The app has been particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, when lockdown restrictions have made meeting in person impossible.

To see how we are using this pioneering technology, go to the App Store or Google Play, download the SitePodium app and search for ‘Triptych Bankside’ or ‘Southwark Park Road’.